Stirling Combat

Combat Training here at Stirling Academy – Bolton.

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Weaponry: Hand to hand combat: Stunt work: Parkour: Free running

  Combat Tutor

  Conor Brearley

  Artistic Teacher



Week 1 Hand to Hand – Working on basic striking and blocking and then incorporating them into short scenes 

Week 2 Landing, Falling & Selling – Landing safely, Working on physical movement to make the impact of hits more real

Week 3Weaponry –  Looking at different fighting styles with weapons (swords, axes,maces), Creating short fight scenes in groups of two’s and three’s

Week 4Rolling, Vaulting & Flipping – Working on navigating the area using different methods using safety mats then moving to the floor. Work on scenes which incorporate different movements for example rolling across the floor or vaulting over a table

Week 5Grappling – Working on different ways to grapple and ground someone using judo throws. Using basic grappling moves and using them in a fight scene 

Week 6Freerunning – Using different Freerunning moves in a fight scene to create an affective fight scene 

All at our acting studios – 490 Halliwell Road, Bolton. BL1 8AN.